New Policies and a New Approach

The current PCC David Jamieson has presided over a rapid decline in police officer and PCSO numbers in the West Midlands, a full 1600 officers have been taken out of the force since 2010.

Cuts to funding from Conservative-led governments have forced some of these losses, West Midlands has been ‘singled out’ to receive some of the most savage cuts of any force in the country, however a lot could have been avoided.

– did we need to spend £33 million on refurbishing Lloyd House, in Colmore Circus, possibly the most expensive real estate in Birmingham?  Could it not have been ‘out of town’, massively cheaper and more easily accessible to both those working there, and the General Public ?

The budget for the next two years has been handed down from ‘on high’ (Conservative government), and the current PCC has published his budget based on it, this budget shows that he is intending to lose a FURTHER 452 officers, and a FURTHER 475 PCSOs,  see Page 5,   “Staffing Budgets 2016/17”  of the following document :

Click to access WMPCC-004-2916-Appendices-1-7.pdf

Funding from central government is not going to be increased.

The only way therefore that these planned, further massive losses of officers and PCSOs over the next two years can be avoided, is by saving money within the funds available.

  • West Mids police need to work smarter, more efficiently… by doing this officers and PCSOs can continue to be employed, not lost, hopefully even increased. I want more ‘Bobbies on the Beat’, working with, and in communities, not less.

How we can do this ?  Why hasn’t the current PCC been doing it ?

Two good questions, details of my ideas on how savings can be achieved can be found on the menu tab below this one : ‘Saving money = more Police Officers and PCSOs’.

– why the current PCC hasn’t been doing something similar, you will need to ask him (‘Good Luck’ with that)

Please also read the other tab below this one : ‘PCC Role and Team, My Qualifications and Commitments’,

– Thankyou !


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