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Update number 37, 24th of October, 2019

So here we are again, waiting around for a decision on our future to be ‘handed down’ by EU leaders…

– “It’s come to this”.   Again.

All talk of ‘Leaving on the 31st of October, Do or Die’, completely ditched. Boris Johnson’s threat to leave without a deal at the end of the month exposed for what it always was, just ‘a bluff’.

He never intended to follow through with it, about the only thing that he’s said recently that he really meant was ‘it’s a million to one’ … that we would actually leave on the 31st of October, and move to trading under WTO rules.

Boris now has a real dilemma on his hands. Assuming the EU grant us yet another Art 50 extension, until the end of January, he can either

. try again for a General Election before Christmas, which Corbyn has said Labour will support (although this may have now changed)


. try again to get his Withdrawal Agreement through, which Labour are saying they will spend another month ‘amending’

(such that it includes EU Customs Union membership, and is dependent upon approval via a heavily rigged further referendum, where 3.5m EU nationals are allowed to vote, along with 16 and 17 yr olds)

If he tries for a General Election, many of his own MPs are fearful they will lose their seats, and won’t back it, ‘ditto’ also many from Labour; there is no guarantee it will achieve the necessary two thirds of MPs,

– if it does pass, and the General Election is scheduled for ‘pre-Christmas’, he knows he has to fight it having completely failed to ‘Get Brexit Done’, or even started on the road to doing it.

If he tries again, and eventually get his “95% the same as Theresa May’s” Withdrawal Agreement through, potentially ‘with added EU Customs Union’, which will also likely mean EU Single Market membership

– the chances are it will look nothing like it does currently, and he will have even more trouble ‘selling it’ to the UK public in a subsequent General Election

(assuming it makes it that far, and hasn’t “fallen foul” of Labour’s planned, heavily rigged ‘Confirmatory Referendum’… with voters asked to choose between effectively a ‘Brexit in Name Only’ and ‘Remain’)

The Conservative Party is funded by ‘Big Business’, ‘Big Business’ does not want us to leave the EU, consequently the Conservatives on their own will never deliver a meaningful Brexit,

– they will continue to try to turn ‘Leave’ into ‘Remain’, as Theresa May’s deal did, and Boris Johnson’s, 95% identical one.

The Transition Period is truly horrendous for us, and almost certain to continue until the end of 2022, very possibly considerably longer. Three more years….

(A two year extension, from the end of next year, to end of 2022, has already been discussed, there is little or no chance we will be able to agree a Free Trade deal with the EU prior to end of Dec 2020… whilst they have us ‘over a barrel’,

– and we have to agree any further extension by the end of July 2020.

We also have to agree how much we will pay for the extra two years of being governed without representation, 2021 and 2022, very probably more than the ‘billion pounds a month’ that we will pay next year, if Boris Johnson’s Withdrawal Agreement is voted through)

You simply “can not trust a Tory”… it’s as true now as it ever was.

The Transition Period is in effect ‘Full Membership Minus”, as I explain in this interview : (no wonder Boris almost never mentions it)…/201910221077118933-until-transit…/

The Transition Period is equivalent to ‘Full EU Membership’…. in every aspect…. retaining all the obligations of being an EU Full Member,

– having to enact all the EU’s future new laws and directives, still handing over more than a billion pounds a month (at least), still under the European Court of Justice,

– but ‘Minus’ … any say in how the laws are created, and minus our existing vetoes.

‘Vassalage’ … as Boris once described Theresa May’s deal, shortly before voting for it. Not a great surprise that all the EU leaders have been ‘slapping Boris on the back’ so heartily on his recent visit, and Ken Clarke voted for Boris’ version earlier this week.

The Brexit Party will be ready when the next General Election comes, whether it be before or after Christmas.

For tactical reasons some of our PPCs have not yet been announced,

– however we already have someone active and campaigning in more than half of the constituencies in the county of the West Midlands:…/

We are continuing to prepare…. and campaign for our freedom and independence…. something both Tories and Labour are Hell-bent on denying us….

(along of course with the Lib Dems and SNP)


We have a stall running this Weekend in Halesowen, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm, outside the Cornbow Centre.

‘Meet n Greets’ :

i) The Brexit Party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Sutton Coldfield: Mark Hoath

– Mark Hoath will be holding a Meet and Greet this evening at Qinnney Hall, London Road, Canwell, B75 5SH, from 7:30pm

ii) The Brexit Party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Dudley North, West Midlands MEP Rupert Lowe,

– Rupert will be holding Meet n Greet sessions as follows :

Tuesday 29th October, Baggerage Social Club, 1 The Straits, Dudley, DY3 3AA, from 7pm,

…and Monday 4th November, Sedgley Working Mens Club, School Street, Sedgley, DY3 1HU. from 7pm

iii) The Brexit Party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Stourbridge: Aaron Hudson,

– Aaron will be hold a Meet n Greet session on Tuesday 29th at the White Horse Stonehouse in Stourbridge


We have announced our first councillor in the Press, and it made the front page of the Express and Star…. see this link :…/brexit-party-picks-up-fir…/

– we will be contesting the local elections in May next year, and also of course West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, and Metro Mayor.

Next Weekend we will be aiming to ‘make some noise’ in Birmingham City centre, 2nd of November,

– when according to Boris, we will ‘definitely be out’. But we know now, will still be very much ‘in’.

More details to follow in the next Update, please join us if you can.

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