EU Referendum result : the UK has voted to Leave the EU



Hi ! My name is Pete Durnell, I am currently Chairman of UKIP’s Sandwell branch, was privileged to have represented my party in the constituency of Warley, West Midlands in the 2015 General Election,

– and more recently UKIP Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for the West Midlands Police Area.

The most important national vote in a generation was held on June 23rd 2016, and the Great British public decided that they would like their politicians to negotiate for the UK, on their behalf, a dignified exit from the clutches of the European Union.

A huge effort by a large number of people produced a historic result in the Referendum, however the UK is currently still a member of the EU, and will remain so until exit negotiations have been completed. These negotiations have not yet even begun, and are expected to take up to two years once they do so.

UKIP members are under no illusions that the independence which was voted for on June 23rd is not yet within our grasp, there are many who will do everything they can to delay our departure, and to ‘buy time’ for them to find a way to deny the democratic will of the people , ‘the will’ that was clearly indicated by the result of the referendum on our EU membership.

UKIP was instrumental in obtaining the first opportunity in over 40 years for the UK public to express their opinion on the European Union, and whether we should remain a part of it. UKIP members and supporters campaigned tirelessly for many weeks and months in the run up to June 23rd, their efforts were rewarded, and we won.

But our work is not done. We need to ensure that ‘Brexit’ actually takes place, as soon as possible, but also on the best possible terms for the future of this country.

UKIP is not going to disappear, in fact UKIP is needed now more than ever… if you would like to help us prove the ‘doom mongers wrong’,  to work for a brighter, fairer, more prosperous United Kingdom, please get in touch…


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