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A coordinator for Leave Means Leave in 2018, I was involved with the Brexit Party since its formation in early 2019,

 – I believe in a strong, vibrant, independent, outward-looking Britain.

I have always had confidence in my country, and the ability of the people who live here to run it successfully,

 – we’re quite capable of looking after our ‘worker’s rights’, and ‘the environment’, without being told ‘what to do and to do it’ by an army of bureaucrats in Brussels,

– and without handing them £14bn of our hard earned cash every year

(Which very likely would have risen to at least £19bn from 2021: this being our membership fee without the rebate deducted.

The EU made it very clear that if we remained members our rebate would disappear completely after 2020).

We are perfectly capable of operating the fifth largest economy in the world ourselves.

If the people running this country are not doing it very well, I want to be able to vote them out, and replace them with new ones.  Our EU membership denied us that fundamental right.

Leaving the EU was about regaining our sovereignty…. regaining control of our borders, laws, finances, trade policy, territorial waters, and ability to defend ourselves as a nation.

Any ‘Deal’ which does not deliver this, is not a deal worth having.

I still believe Boris Johnson’s ‘wonderful new deal’ was actually mostly just a huge ‘Con trick’, and in many way ‘a Bogus Brexit’, for the reasons I outline in

 – but at least we are “Out”, and going forward we have the opportunity to ditch the new treaty we have signed with the EU much more easily than going through the tortuous process of terminating full EU membership.

We also have the opportunity to strike up trade deals with nations around the world.  We must not waste it.


Locally I am currently chairing a group fighting to prevent Lion Farm Playing Fields from being turned into unnecessary and unwanted ‘posh shops’,

 – and in the process causing the demise of the Warley and District Sunday Football League, which has been running since the early ’70s.

The borough of Sandwell has far too little green space already,

 – it simply can not afford to lose another 19 hectares.

This is clearly a stupid and nonsensical development from every possible perspective, but Sandwell council seems determined to proceed with it,

– please click on the ‘Save Lion Farm Fields’ tab above to find out more.

Follow our campaign to save Lion Farm Playing Fields

 – on Twitter:  @LoveLionFarm,  and Facebook:  Save Lion Farm Fields (public group)

My personal contact details are

Mob:  07736 935181

Facebook  user: pete.durnell1

Twitter: @petedurnell


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