Local UKIP policies

UKIP Sandwell Local Declaration 2015


A UKIP local Manifesto is the only manifesto of all the parties which is prepared at branch level. We created this taking into consideration views of our local members, supporters, our councillor and residents to bring you an agenda that real people want, not things the Council think you want or need.

UKIP is the only party whose local branches are not ruled by Head Office, whilst we believe that these policies are in line with the principles of the national party they do not necessarily represent it or other branches opinions.

The Council: Ensure Sandwell Council and its Councillors are accountable, transparent and subject to scrutiny and protect front line services at all times. Introduce a quarterly questions and answers forum for the public at Full Council.

Councillors: Reduction of basic allowance to 10K and restructuring of the Special Responsibility Allowance with a view to cutting costs.

Council Tax: No increase in Council Tax until National austerity measures cease. Oppose the Tory “Bedroom tax”.

Culture & Heritage: Promote The Black Country and oppose the formation of Greater Birmingham.

Schools: Promote local schools for local children and reintroduce the postcode allocation.

Housing: Local affordable housing for local people.

Parking Charges: Review of Hospital and Street parking, charges and availability. Target the abuse of disable parking bays and blue badges.

Policing: Pressure West Midlands Police and the Police Crime Commissioner to provide a more visible level of policing. More “Bobbies on the Beat”.

Transport and Roads:   Oppose bus lanes, unnecessary speed humps and other schemes which inconvenience drivers without proper justification.

Funding: Seek to ensure wards are treated fairly and funds are shared appropriately.

Playing Fields, Open Spaces: Oppose all greenbelt developments. Encourage the formation of more “friends of” groups to represent the needs of local parks and communities.

Libraries: Vigorously oppose any further closure.

Health: Review services offered and encourage greater involvement of the public in determining the services they require.

Youth: Support existing local sports clubs and provide additional funding to encourage and enable young people to participate.

Planning and petitions: All major decisions should be subject to the consent of local people, intense scrutiny and have the ability to trigger local referendums.


UKIP and UKIP Sandwell strives to listen to what the  real people of the United Kingdom want and any comments, ideas or further policies you wish to discuss, please do not hesitate to contact us, all details may be found on the ukipsandwell.org ‘Contact Us’ tab


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