M6 Toll Road

Following an in depth, two hour long discussion with the Chief Executive of Midlands Expressway (responsible for operating the M6 Toll), and going carefully through a variety of statistical information, my position on the M6 Toll Road is as follows:

Q1)   Would I like it be purchased from central gov’t funds and made free to use ?

– Yes.

Of course I would, UKIP doesn’t believe, and I don’t believe in toll roads.

Q2)  Do I believe that purchasing it would make a significant difference to congestion around peak times on the M6 between junctions 3a and 11a ?

– No.

Statistics show that over 90% of HGVs which could use it, already use it at peak.

Q3) If I was given £2bn to spend on improving roads in our region, would I spend it purchasing the M6 Toll road ?

– No.

I believe a more effective use of £2bn would be to reduce or remove ‘bottlenecks’ or ‘pinch points’ across the whole of the West Midlands network


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