EU Ref 2016

Thursday June 23rd, 2016

The most important national vote in a generation was held on June 23rd 2016, and the Great British public decided that they would like their politicians to negotiate for the UK, on their behalf, a dignified exit from the clutches of the European Union.

A huge effort by a large number of people produced a historic result in the Referendum, however the UK is currently still a member of the EU, and will remain so until exit negotiations have been completed. These negotiations have not yet even begun, and are expected to take up to two years once they do so.

UKIP members are under no illusions that the independence which was voted for on June 23rd is not yet within our grasp, there are many who will do everything they can to delay our departure, and to ‘buy time’ for them to find a way to deny the democratic will of the people , ‘the will’ that was clearly indicated by the result of the referendum on our EU membership.

UKIP was instrumental in obtaining the first opportunity in over 40 years for the UK public to express their opinion on the European Union, and whether we should remain a part of it. UKIP members and supporters campaigned tirelessly for many weeks and months in the run up to June 23rd, their efforts were rewarded, and we won.

But our work is not done. We need to ensure that ‘Brexit’ actually takes place, as soon as possible, but also on the best possible terms for the future of this country.

web siteI firmly believe that immigration has been, and will continue to be ‘good for Britain’,

– however uncontrolled, limitless immigration from 27 EU-bloc countries, with extremely large numbers of migrants arriving in a very short space of time,  has not been, and will never be good for this country, or any other.


Arguments about supposed ‘beneficial effects on GDP’ totally miss the crucial point,

– our schools can’t cope, the NHS and many other crucial public services can’t cope, and we simply can’t build houses fast enough.

As long as we remain a member of the European Union we will have no control over who comes here.

‘Freedom of Movement’ is a founding principle of the EU and can only be changed by all the other 27 countries agreeing to it, something we know will never happen.

Anyone who argues differently is either trying to fool themselves, the British public, or both.

As long as we remain a member of the EU, we can expect huge numbers to continue to flock to the UK, and even more pressure to be placed on already severely struggling public services


– large numbers will continue to enter illegally, and/or, we will be forced to accept ‘our quota’, the size of which will be determined by Mrs Merkel and her associates in Brussels.


Soft Brexit v Hard Brexit   (or more properly ‘Fake Brexit’ and ‘Real Brexit’)


Soft/Fake Brexit will almost certainly include :

. remaining in the EU Single Market, meaning we will still have to accept free movement of people from any EU nation to the UK,  i.e. have no control over our borders,

. remaining a member of the Customs Union, which means we will not be able to negotiate our own trade deals

. UK courts and judiciary remaining subservient to European Courts and judeges.

. paying huge amounts of money to the EU.

Sound a bit like remaining in the EU ?

– that’s because to all intents and purposes it will be exactly like remaining, hence why those who campaigned for us to Remain are so keen on it (!)


Hard/Real Brexit will enable us to be truly independent,

– to make our laws without fear of having overridden, set up trade deals which benefit us, not Germany and France, to control our borders, and stop paying the endemically corrupt EU hundreds of millions every week.



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