TickIT event at West Bromwich Town Hall: on behalf of African and Caribbean Heritage Communities (ACHC)

West Bromwich Town Hall,  Tuesday 24th March 2015,  6pm – 8pm

“TickIT, an independent voter registration organisation, is gearing up to make maximum impact on the 2015 May General Elections. Foremost in its activities is voter registration with encouragement to vote in the elections. Whilst these elections will be significant for the whole country they could be a watershed for the African and Caribbean Heritage Communities (ACHC).  Research undertaken by Operation Black Vote clearly demonstrates that people of African Caribbean heritage can influence the outcome of fifty-six Parliamentary Seats in 2015”


I was delighted to accept this opportunity to outline UKIP policies and how they might address the key issues of concern raised following the recent launch of the Black Churches’ Manifesto.

Also contributing for UKIP was Winston McKenzie, our former Spokesman for the Commonwealth

Many thanks to Winston for travelling up from Croydon, but most of all to those who came and asked questions at the event, even though some were fairly tricky (!) … the fact that so many people were prepared to be open minded and participate in the event was really appreciated…

– and I will definitely be taking up the invitation to meet some of those who took part again really soon, in a ‘follow up’ meeting.

There are clearly a large number of issues which have been ‘brushed under the carpet’ for a very long time, I can’t promise to solve them all, but I can promise to ‘lift the carpet’, and take a good look at them… to devote the time and trouble to understand them properly at the very least.


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