i) The Pope attacks ‘bureaucratic and opulent’ European Union
– when the Pontiff decides he has to speak out… something is seriously wrong
ii) The EU Water Framework Directive said that by 2027, fish should be able to swim the length of all European rivers from source to mouth without obstruction. For regions (which the UK will probably consist of by then) that do not comply with the rules, there will be a fine of £80,000 (100,000 Euros) per day.
– expect to see a lot of ‘fish ladders’ being built along UK rivers in the next decade
iii) EU uncovers a ‘black hole’ in its finances which is likely lead to a demand for additional billions each year from the UK:
– in addition to the… approximately £13 billion net contribution due in 2015
iv) When David Cameron talks about ‘changing the metrics’ to bring down immigration figures, this may well be one of the ‘metrics’ he’s talking about
– in other words any ‘statistical trickery’ that can reduce the headline figures, without affecting the actual numbers arriving here will be considered and adopted…
v) Cameron’s radical immigration plans dropped after being ‘sat on’ by Angela Merklel
– not an image you want in your mind just before bed time (or any other time)
– but ‘speaks volumes’ about who really runs this country now
vi) Nearly a million more Poles say they want to come to the UK…
vii) Thanks to ridiculous EU rules, one Dutch trawler takes a quarter of England’s entire quota, whilst English fishermen are allowed just two crates, worth £50
viii) Labour, the party who privatised approximately 10% of our NHS, saddling it with debts of at least £10 billion per year, for the next 30 years, likes to accuse UKIP of wishing to do the same (absolutely untrue),
– now one of their lords is calling for a £20 charge to stay overnight in Hospital, and a former minister recommending a £10 a year membership fee, similar to what they’ve claimed is UKIP’s policy (which is completely false, UKIP are committed to all NHS services remaining free at the point of delivery)
ix) UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) is predicting that immigration will add a city almost the size of Birmingham to our population every two-and-a-half years for the next 75 years.  This is not a misprint
x) As our illustrious leader tries to convince us that he can win approval for sweeping new restrictions on migrants benefits from the other 27 EU-bloc nations, all of which must agree to a Treaty change
(no chance, three or four years in advance of it potentially happening, Poland has already indicated it will not agree)
– meanwhile Brussels takes legal action to force Britain to lift any existing restrictions on migrants claiming handouts


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