Barking up the wrong tree (Vaccines vs Treatments)


There were always two main escape routes from the Covid-19 pandemic, and “Perpetual Lockdown Hell” :

 . cheap and highly effective vaccines, accompanied by mass testing/snap lockdowns to control the inevitable outbreaks

 . cheap and highly effective early stage treatments.

(A “third route”…. acquiring herd immunity predominantly through exposure to the Covid-19 virus, was originally considered, and arguably initially pursued by the UK,

 – but subsequently deemed too costly in terms of the number of lives which might be lost in the process).


Western nations have concentrated on developing and distributing vaccines, and are “in love” with mass testing programs, it would seem almost to the complete exclusion of effective early stage treatments.

I find this very puzzling.

Actually, I find it quite bizarre. Possibly even a little sinister.


Just imagine if you had medication in your bathroom cabinet which you could take at the first sign of Covid-19 symptoms, with little or no side effects, and which would near enough ensure that it did not progress into a serious illness… 

 – there would be no need for annual vaccinations, no need for travel bans or even restrictions, no need for expensive quarantining, mass testing, local or national lockdowns,

 – yet politicians and mass media appear to have little or no interest in early stage Covid-19 treatments, other than to try to “jump on them” and claim they don’t work.  Even when there is a wealth of scientific evidence clearly showing that they do, and they are being used with great success in countries like India. 


( *** Update 21st of April 2021:   Has “the penny finally dropped”, at least a year later than it should have ?

“A search for simple treatments for Covid that can be taken at home has been launched by Boris Johnson.”   *** )


A dependence on vaccines alone to tackle a virus like Covid-19 brings many problems.

At the time of writing the initial “real life” results of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine are looking very promising,

– released data from a major study of more than 12,000 people…. shows a single shot of its vaccine cuts the risk of being hospitalised by Covid-19 to zero 22 days after the first shot has been administered   *


As long as UK government ministers ignore the group of scientists who appear to want us kept pretty much “locked up forever”, in the short term vaccines may well allow us to escape from the seemingly endless series of lockdowns that we have endured for almost a year,

 – with luck we may regain something resembling normal life in Spring of 2021. 

We have been presented with a Roadmap which outlines how our personal freedoms may be returned, “depending on the data”, in four stages.

“Depending on the data” only works one way though.

We entered Covid Alert Level 5 on January 4th 2021, a full national lockdown was imposed on the same day.

On February 25th 2021, with hospitalisations, infection rates and fatalities dropping rapidly across the nation, this Alert Level was dropped back down to 4.

And lockdown was released?  Of course not.  We are to be subjected to it in some form or other for many months to come.

The government is reserving the right to extend our imprisonment indefinitely… if “the data” isn’t as good as it predicts it should be, 

 – whilst at the same time making it crystal clear that… if “the data” happens to be much better than predicted, most of our cherished and hard won personal freedoms will still be withheld until June 21st.


This from a government which told us we would not have another lockdown, then told us it was “absolutely the last thing it wanted to do, but had no choice”.  Now it’s being imposed, ministers appear extremely reluctant to end it.

The World Health Organisation states that “lockdowns should only be used to avoid the risk of health services being overwhelmed”.

Our government loves to quote the WHO when it wants to force us to do something like wear facemasks, yet now there is clearly no longer any risk of the NHS being overwhelmed, it chooses to ignore the WHO’s clear direction about the use of lockdowns.

Funny that.

Pretty much no one denies that lockdowns cause huge harm to our physical and mental health, and to our economy.  

If our economy gets badly damaged, levels of poverty will rise rapidly, this will result in large increases in all kinds of illnesses, and ultimately deaths.


Seemingly oblivious of this, a number of scientists, several who “have the government’s ear” in its advisory group, SAGE 

(all of whose jobs are completely safe, and appear to be rather enjoying “being in the limelight”, appearing regularly on TV)

 – are switching from arguing that restrictions are required to protect the NHS, and instead are now claiming most, if not all, must remain until the number of infections in the community has been demonstrated to be extremely small.

Should we ever reach this point, they will very likely switch their argument again,

– this time, to arguing that most restrictions must stay in place until we are “completely Covid-free”.

In the very unlikely event that we ever achieved this, they will almost certainly then make a final switch, move the goalposts again,

 – to claiming that all restrictions must stay in place permanently, in order to make sure that we then remain Covid-free.

If the government listens to these voices we can expect to have most of our civil liberties withheld for several more years at least, very possibly for the rest of our days.

The fact that Boris Johnson is making statements like “we must keep restrictions until virus levels are really low”, tends to indicate that he is listening to the “Covid-Zero fanatics”.  People who are solely concerned with Covid-19 and trying to completely eliminate it from the population.

We have the same chance of eliminating Covid-19 as we have of eliminating ‘flu. 



Where are we currently?

Covid-19 is embedded in almost every country across the globe. The odd one or two sometimes seem briefly to have eradicated it, but even with near enough closed borders, it inevitably reappears.  (Reference: China, New Zealand, Australia… etc).

New so-called “mutant strains” are being discovered almost daily, and they are tending to be much better at evading our existing vaccines.  It’s estimated that approximately 2000 have been spawned across the globe in the first twelve months.


So are we justified in having massively concentrated on developing vaccines, as opposed to early treatments?

This very much still remains to be seen.

We will very probably not know the answer to this until Autumn/Winter comes around again, although in mid-February we are being told that we should not book our Summer holidays, even within the UK.

Not exactly a “ringing vote of confidence” in our vaccine and mass testing programs.


I fear that in the medium/long term, possibly even short term, it’s entirely possible, even probable, that we will not be able to protect ourselves from Covid-19 to a sufficient degree using vaccines and large scale testing of the population/snap local lockdowns.

Increasingly it is looking like only the availability of really effective early stage treatments will allow us to return to living our lives as we used to do, back in 2019.

Yet whilst drugs to treat Covid-19 soon after symptoms appear are being employed in trials across the globe, and are already in use is some countries

(notably India, where both Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquin are freely available and used by the population to ward off the most severe consequences of infection, more on these below)

 – it would still appear that only a tiny fraction of the enormous amount of money that has been spent on developing vaccines has thus far been spent on developing “cheap, early stage” treatments for the virus.

And worse, any that show great promise are quickly “buried”.

(I use the term “early stage treatments” here to mean treatments that can be taken in the first few days of symptoms being shown, or even before, effectively acting as prophylactics, or “disease preventers”,

– and successfully prevent the virus from progressing on to cause serious illness and the need for hospital treatment)


There are two main groups of drugs which can potentially be really useful in the early stages of infection, antivirals, and anti-inflammatories, typically “corticosteroids”.

In very simplified terms, antivirals attack the virus itself, whilst anti-inflammatories prevent the virus from causing too much inflammation, providing additional time for the body’s own immune system to more successfully deal with the virus.  

If we had cheap readily available, highly effective and well tolerated drugs which prevent Covid-19 causing serious illness/death,

– these would truly be “the Holy Grail”, “a silver bullet” for Covid-19.

These silver bullets would allow us to return to living the lives we lived in 2019 immediately,

– and we could continue to live them with far more confidence than relying on frequent vaccination to provide us with protection from constantly evolving variants of Covid-19.


New varieties of drugs to treat “late stage” are appearing, some of them very promising  **

However whilst representing a major advance in our knowledge, these will not end the pandemic.  To achieve this we need to prevent people from becoming so ill they have to be hospitalised, not just reduce time spent in hospital.


A cheap, effective, well tolerated early stage treatment…. an antiviral drug, or anti-inflammatory/corticosteroid, or both, which prevents the virus from progressing to taking over the body,

(and therefore from ever reaching the later stage, where the immune system goes into overdrive and starts damaging organs)

 – has to be massively advantageous to vaccines.

Yet, it appears at least, developing one (or more) has been a much lower priority than developing vaccines.  

Trials of drugs which are already in use for other illnesses, against Covid-19, seems to be of even less interest to both drug companies and politicians.

It’s not quite been “all about vaccine development” to this point.  But mostly.


“Vaccines v Early Stage Treatments”


In order to try to avoid health services around the globe being overwhelmed, huge pharmaceutical companies have been developing a host of vaccines, backed by governments and other financial investors.

Great. You might think.


  – there are already signs that they do not protect anything like so well against Covid-19 as it (inevitably) mutates into new strains,

  – consequently we don’t know how long any protection that it does give, will actually last.

In the absence of effective early stage treatments, we are likely to be in a position where we have to keep constantly revising the vaccine “make up”, much as we do with ‘flu, but… unlike ‘flu…

 – we will very likely have to frequently re-vaccinate (or at least give boosters to) almost the entire population, not just the over 50s who want it, as we do with ‘flu,

 – meaning quite possibly we will need to inject the majority of people living in the UK twice, or even three times a year.

And compared to most countries, the UK is “ahead of the game”.

As has been well reported, EU nations are lagging well behind the UK in getting their populations vaccinated, most now have a fairly unambitious target of trying get something like 70% of all adults at least offered jabs, before the end of Summer 2021.

Most commentators believe they will fail to manage even this  ***

 – but much worse, by this point in time Covid-19 may well have mutated so significantly that the vaccines being given out provide only limited protection against the new strains circulating at that time. 

Who knows when updated vaccines to protect against these strains will become available, maybe later in 2021, possibly not until 2022.


If we had both reasonably effective vaccines and cheap early stage treatments available,

 – it would surely make much more sense to just treat the people that contracted Covid-19, than to attempt to vaccinate almost the entire population, two, or maybe even three times a year.


Using the UK as an example, in the absence of any early stage treatments,

 – if we had to administer two initial vaccine jabs, several weeks apart, and then a further booster jab, later in the year, to everyone aged over 18 (well over 50 million people),

 – this would result in around 160 million “doses” of Covid-19 vaccine having to be given every year.

It would also mean having to perform constant research in countries all over the world, to attempt to keep track on new, mutated variants, which could appear in any country, at any time, and which turn out to be “current vaccine resistant”.

Almost certainly it would involve having to keep rapidly closing off all travel to/from certain countries, and also instantly, and very strictly, lockdown large areas of the UK,

–  in an attempt to contain/limit the spread of newly mutated strains, as almost certainly by the time it has been detected, somewhere in the world,

(unless we are planning on enforcing hotel quarantine on arrival, for single person who comes here, potentially “forever more”)

 – a large number of people will already have brought the new strain to the UK by the time we have detected it in another country.


Even if we managed to prevent a mutated, “resistant to current vaccines” strain from spreading across the UK,

 – we would still be in yet another race to try to develop/deploy new versions of vaccines to protect against it,

 – and, if/when successful, once again would have to attempt to distribute them to more than 50 million adults ASAP before we could reopen our borders.  Probably very briefly.


This is not a sustainable way to operate. No country can seriously contemplate this going forward for years to come.


It’s the ultimate in “tail chasing”.  A life and death game of “constant catch up”.  

A race you can never win, the best you can ever hope for… “not being too far behind”.

We can never hope to detect mutant strains, which can appear potentially appear anywhere around the world (estimates are that currently there may already be 2000 mutations)

 – work out if existing vaccines protect against them, if not, close our borders in time to keep them out.


It’s hard to see a time where borders will reopen for more than a few weeks at most. Probably not even this.


This is not how I want to live out my remaining years, it’s certainly not the future I would like for young people living in the UK, or anywhere in the world.

In this scenario it’s almost impossible to imagine international travel ever resuming to a point even remotely resembling how it was functioning in 2019.

I would ask all those who are currently clamouring to have UK borders completely closed, and forced hotel quarantine for anyone who we do let in,

 – “when will this end?”

Relying purely on vaccines and mass testing, “never”, would seem to be the only realistic answer. 

New variants will keep being found all over the world. The more we look for them, the more we will find.

Are we really going to operate with closed borders and forced, monitored hotel quarantining of the tiny number of people allowed to enter the UK, for years to come, decades even? 

Desperately trying, and almost certainly failing, to keep new variants of Covid-19 out of the country?   ****


A year ago EU obsessives complained that young people would not be able to travel freely across Europe without visas as a result of Brexit

(which was nonsense, because we would always have rapidly set up reciprocal “visa free travel agreements” with most, if not all remaining EU nations)

  – without cheap highly effective treatments they’ll be lucky to get out of the UK for any reason, to go anywhere in the world in the next five or ten years.

Somewhat ironically, those who were formerly, prior to the arrival of Covid-19 on our shores, passionate advocates of open borders,

  – are now the most vociferous in calling for borders to closed completely, indefinitely, 

  – and the most critical of the UK government for not having done this much sooner.

As the saying goes, “it’s a funny old world”.


A policy of compulsory PCR testing before leaving the UK, then on arrival in another nation, followed by compulsory hotel quarantine for two weeks on arrival back here, including two further PCR tests, which must of course return negative,

 – will mean that travel to other countries, even if in theory permitted, when they are not on the government’s Red List,

 – will be the preserve of the wealthy only for some time to come.


One journalist in Australia recently reported it cost her $7000 just to get back in to her own country. At time of writing (Feb 2021), most UK politicians appear to want “Australian-style” hotel quarantine to be instituted in the UK. 

It appears travellers arriving in the UK will be charged £1750 for their hotel (prison) accommodation and PCR tests, per person.


If this situation persists for any length of time it will surely signal the end of the UK’s international travel industry, and consequently, the end of international travel as most of us used to enjoy it, for the foreseeable future.

Henceforth international travel will be purely for diplomats and the extremely wealthy.

“Great Reset” anyone ?


Early stage treatments

Forget all about vaccines, just for a little while.

(Not easy with our Mass Media talking about little else I know…)


Imagine we have developed, or discovered an existing, cheap, effective, generic, well tolerated early stage treatment for Covid-10.

Drug treatments are far more likely to be “generically effective”, far more likely to work just as well against future variants of Covid-19 as the existing ones.

Imagine if we had such a drug, or drugs, stocked on our local chemists’ shelves, or better still, already sitting in all of our bathroom cupboards.    

At the first signs of Covid-19 symptoms we just pop a pill or two, our symptoms quickly subside, problem solved.


We no longer need to worry about any of the above issues.

We no longer constantly have to attempt to detect mutated strains of Covid-19 all over the globe, and, when we do,

 – redevelop and retrial vaccines, rapidly close our borders to a number of countries, institute hotel quarantining, and rapidly lock down potentially large areas of the UK,

 – and we would no longer have to attempt to distribute a updated vaccine, or “booster”, to 50 odd million people in a very short space of time,


Cheap effective treatments are preferable to vaccines for many other reasons.  

Suppose we did actually have antiviral or anti-inflammatory drug which prevents Covid-19 progressing in the body when taken at the first sign of symptoms,

– then let’s further suppose around a million people in the UK contract Covid-19 each year.

Something like a third of these will have no symptoms, the other two thirds, 666,000, simply take their Covid-19 remedy, already sitting in their cupboard, and suffer no serious illness. 

Just 666,0000 doses/drug treatments will have been required in order to keep the vast majority of the population from getting seriously ill, and potentially dying from exposure to Covid-19,

 – as opposed to 160 million doses/jabs which would be needed, if we were depending solely on vaccines.


It has to be much better to just give drugs once to the 666.000 people who need them because they are ill, than inject them into the arms of 50 odd million, quite possibly three times a year.   

We know more than 50 million of these will not really have needed to be injected, because they wouldn’t have contracted Covid-19 anyway,

 – although of course, we would never know “which 50 million”.


Consequently when depending on vaccines, we have to medicate everyone.

A logistical nightmare and extremely expensive. Not just in terms of the cost of the vaccines themselves,

 – but the time and effort of the army of people who would be needed “in perpetuity” in order to carry this out.


There also inescapable risks with using vaccines which have only been around for a few months on hundreds of millions of people.

Regulators can study all the scientific evidence they like, and pronounce vaccines “safe”, but the irrefutable fact remains that no one really knows for certain what effect the new vaccines will have on the human body in a year’s time, two years, five years etc.

No one really knew how many people would suffer from side effects in the first few weeks after vaccination.

You probably haven’t seen this report.  It’s not been well publicised…


I know from talking to a lot of people that most side effects are not being reported on the government’s yellow card web site:


But is a cheap, highly effective, generic, well tolerated, early stage drug, able to halt Covid-19 in its tracks, just “a pipe dream” ? 

Far from it. 


In November 2020, the Nuffield Department of Primary Health Care Service, Medical Sciences Division ran this headline:

“Inhaled corticosteroids to be investigated as a possible treatment for Covid-19 in national PRINCIPLE Trial”    *****


Then on the 8th of February 2021, another headline:

“Common asthma treatment (budesonide) reduces need for hospitalisation in Covid-19 patients, study suggests”  ******


And not by a small amount…

“Inhaled budesonide reduced the relative risk of requiring urgent care or hospitalisation by 90% in the 28-day study period.”


Participants allocated the budesonide inhaler also had a quicker resolution of fever, symptoms and fewer persistent symptoms after 28 days”.

 – 90%  !!!  Why has this not been splashed across the front page of every newspaper ?!


If this turn out to be correct, in conjunction with vaccine rollout, this reduces the potential impact of Covid-19 on the human population to far less than Colds or ‘flu.

To say it’s “a game changer” would surely be a massive understatement.


The idea of budesonide being a potential highly effective treatment for Covid-19 must be fairly recent? 


Back in July last year (2020), the Lancet was suggesting corticosteroids could be a useful treatment for Covid-19    *******


Why have incredibly promising, cheap, early stage treatments for Covid-19 been largely ignored, or worse, deliberately “played down”, “rubbished” even?

Just why has it taken this long to get to the point where a trial of budesonide has been carried out with spectacular results?

Because there is little or no interest in treatments, only in vaccines and mass testing.

In the same time that it has taken to develop a vaccine “from scratch”, test it, trial it, get it approved by medical regulators, manufactured, distributed, and administered to millions of people, around nine months,

 – drug companies have managed to…. get around to arranging a trial for existing drug budesonide.


A cynical person might surmise that they are finally doing this in February 2021, trialling budesonide some seven months after the Lancet identified the drug as having huge potential to treat Covid-19,

– because they have now realised an excellent return on their vaccine investment, having sold hundreds of millions of vaccine doses to governments across the globe,

 – a return which would have been severely jeopardised had budesonide been found to be a highly effective early stage treatment six months ago.

It’s estimated that vaccine industry in the US during 2021 will probably be worth around $70bn.


There is a phrase which may be pertinent here:

 – when you want to understand why. perhaps outwardly puzzling things are happening  “always follow the money”.


But it’s not just budesonide which is showing great promise, there is another drug called Ivermectin which is already widely used across Peru and India  *******

Zimbabwe excperienced a sharp drop in deaths once it started using it, South Africa is likely to make it available to people to buy “over the counter” very soon.

Yet hardly anyone in the UK has even heard of the drug.  We do however hear about vaccines which may be available in six to nine months time, assuming they pass regulatory body’s assessment.

Rather than make these drugs available, the standard response here in the UK is to do everything possible to make sure no one can get hold of them, 

 – even though they have been used for other purposes for a long time, proven to be very safe, and are extremely well tolerated.

You might think we should have that right, when a drug looks even potentially promising in preventing our death.

The UK government thinks otherwise.  Try getting hold of Ivermectin in the UK if you don’t believe me.


So there is already quite a long history of lack of interest by politicians and media in cheap, effective, early stage Covid-19 treatments.

Perhaps the most famous example is hydroxychloroquin, which has been used for a long time now by doctors in the United States to treat Covid-19, in conjunction with azithromicin (an antibiotic) and zinc.

There was a study published in the Virology Journal in 2005, which concluded that chloroquine, a similar but slightly less well tolerated drug to hydroxychloroquin,

– was “effective in preventing the spread of SARS CoV in cell culture”. 

(SARS CoV being one of the early coronaviruses which affected the human population).

Hydroxychloroquine — an immunosuppressive and anti-parasitic drug, has been used to treat malaria, lupus and arthritis for a long time. 

We know that is extremely safe, well tolerated when administered to people in low doses.


Very successful small scale trials have been performed, and appear to demonstrate that, in conjunction with azithromycin and zinc,

– hydroxychloroquin is extremely good at preventing Covid-19 progressing and causing serious illness, as long as it is taken in the early stages of infection  *********


No one has claimed that it is effective in treating “late stage”, seriously ill, hospitalised patients.

Yet the only large scale trials which were set up, used these drugs on severely ill patients in hospital, and gave them huge doses.

The people who ran these trials, immediately declared the drugs to be either useless or worse still, “dangerous”, when administered to already hospitalised patients, in very advanced stages of illness.

Try “Googling” them.  You will get results which say things like:

“The antibiotic azithromycin was considered as a potential treatment for COVID-19, but has been found to have no meaningful clinical benefit for patients hospitalised with severe forms of the disease”


Why did they use these drugs on late stage, severely ill, hospitalised patients in the large scale trial? 

The smaller trials which found these drugs to be extremely effective in preventing progression on to serious illness, employed only low doses, and exclusively administered them to patients in the early stages of infection.

So why would you set up a much larger trial, giving only very large doses, to already extremely ill people,

– so ill that they have already had to be hospitalised, 

– and then claim that they are “useless/dangerous” when used in these circumstances ?

I can only think of one reason.  You badly want them to be declared useless and rapidly discarded,  

 – and you hope that no one will notice that you deliberately evaluated them against completely the wrong type of patients
  (“late stage”, not “early stage”… where they have been shown to be extremely effective).


This is what the FDA in the US said after these, it would appear “very deliberately set up to fail trials” … had duly failed:

“The FDA cautions against the use of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine to treat COVID-19”.

The FDA revoked the drugs’ emergency authorization in June after finding these medicines “showed no benefit for decreasing the likelihood of death or speeding recovery.”

“A review of safety issues also finds that the drugs were linked to serious heart rhythm problems, blood and lymph system disorders, kidney injuries and liver problems in hospitalised COVID-19 patients.”


There was never a reason to give small doses to “hospitalised COVID-19 patients”, never mind the very large ones that were administered in the “set up to fail” trials. 

By the time patients have been hospitalised, it’s too late to use antiviral drugs. The virus has passed the point where they can stop it progressing.

It will already have massively progressed.  The body is by this stage in what is known as “a cytokine storm”.

The immune system is going wild and attacking major organs.  It is this “storm” which generally leads to fatalities.


Hydroxychloroquin, azithromycin and zinc had been shown to be highly effective in smaller trials, for early stage use.

The conclusions of several of these trials was that HCQ, AZM and zinc, when used together, on patients who had not yet become seriously ill, were: 

 – “Highly effective at preventing disease progression”. 

These drugs were never claimed to provide any benefit for patients where the virus had already massively progressed/taken hold in the body, with a “cytokine storm” in progress.

Yet this is exactly how the larger scale trial was specifically set up.  It certainly appears, deliberately “Set up to fail”.


Again, “why do this” ?

A cynical person might suggest, “because Donald Trump was promoting HCQ, AZM and zinc”, and the consequences of him being proven right would simply be too much to bear for most of the world’s political classes, and mass media,

 – who in the main, rightly or wrongly, largely for reasons which had nothing to with Covid-19, absolutely detested him.

The same cynical person might further suggest that “Big Pharma”, the global pharmaceutical companies, had already invested billions into the development of, mostly extremely expensive vaccines by the middle of 2020, 

 – and, if HCQ, AZM and zinc were ever proven to prevent serious illness in almost everyone who took them, as soon as they experienced symptoms (as many doctors who have been using these drugs in the United States for a long time have been claiming)

    – they would instantly be “out of pocket”, and not by a small amount, to the tune of many tens of billions,

So the huge pharmaceuticals companies, as well most politicians and mass media, also very badly did not want a cheap, highly effective, early stage treatment to be shown to prevent serious illness,

 – and as a result, mean that the world had no real need for their extremely expensive, at the time “still in development” vaccines.


There are actually quite a large number of trials of different kinds of antiviral drugs taking place across the world currently (Feb 2021),

 – but the only large scale trial of HCQ, AZM and zinc, using it as a prophylactic (to prevent disease prior to symptoms developing), or as an early stage treatment, soon after they appeared,

 – was due to take place in the UK, in June 2020,

 – then mysteriously, very rapidly, “had the plug pulled on it”.


So, amongst others, we have HCQ/Azithromycin/zinc, budesonide, and ivermectin, three extremely promising early stage treatments, all been identified and successful in reducing fatality rates significantly, 

 – all apparently of zero interest to Western nations. 

More than a year into the pandemic, large scale trials of budesonide and ivermectin are finally being set up. 

(It would appear that drug companies have been successful in their attempts to “squash” large scale trials of hydroxychloroquin when taken in the early stages of infection with Covid-19)

I would suggest that it can not be denied that, for whatever reason,

 – Western governments at least, really are only interested in vaccines and mass testing, not treatments.

This, despite the fact that highly effective, generic, early stage, well tolerated drug treatments would provide us with an immediate way out of the pandemic,

 – and, given that we can’t even book Summer holidays in six months time, despite the fact we will be “awash” with vaccines and tests by that point, 

 – clearly vaccines and mass testing will not.



The UK government continues to “put all its eggs” in the “vaccines and mass testing basket”, and largely ignore potential early stage treatments. 

This, despite the fact that a cheap, already-approved-for-another-use, generic, well tolerated drug, which taken in the early stages of Covid-19 infection “stops it in its tracks”,

 – would do exactly the same for the pandemic, “end it”, not just in the UK, but across the globe.


Why might our government behave in this way?


You may well come up with your own, alternative answers to this question,

 – however, if it is not simply bowing to enormous pressure from huge pharmaceutical companies, who would stand to lose potentially tens of billions,

– I can see only one other possible explanation.


Ending the pandemic via constantly administering vaccines and mass testing for Covid-19, requires the state to have details of everyone in the country,

 – whereas…  ending the pandemic via a readily available, cheap, already approved “over the counter treatment”,  

  – does not.


Famously, the UK has no idea who is living here. 

We have never properly recorded who comes in to this country, and who goes out.

It has long been touted that we have around 1 million people living here illegally. “Undocumented”, if you prefer.

“All of a sudden”, we appear to know that this figure is actually 1.3 million   **********

 – and all these people are being urged to register, and receive vaccines, potentially then also be tested when “snap lockdowns” are performed, to try to locate the spread of new variants.


One of the reasons why I have stated elsewhere on this site that “Test Trace and Isolate” has never had any chance of working in the UK…

 – is that we have somewhere between one and two million people living here “undocumented”. These people were always going to be very hard to trace, and it would be almost impossible to check whether they are isolating.


Does the UK government see Covid-19 as an opportunity to register/document all these “undocumented” people?

Is this at least one of the reasons, if not perhaps even the main reason, why ministers are so keen on vaccinating and mass testing programs,

 – and consequently very willing to “go along” with the big pharmaceutical companies,  

 – in their obvious desire to either “rubbish” or delay recognition of cheap, pre-existing, well tolerated early stage Covid-19 treatments?


If so, an enormous price is being paid for pursuing this strategy, in terms of lives being lost unnecessarily, the mental and physical health of the nation, the excess damage to the economy,

 – and the now year long, potentially stretching into many more years, loss of civil liberties,


Can this possibly be what has been happening?


As Mr Bentley used to frequently state on the, now defunct show Big Brother, 

  – “You Decide”. 

Article last updated Feb 2021.