PCC Role and Team, My Qualificiations and Commitments

The Role of a Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) and his/her team

I understand that some people will be of the opinion that the PCC role and team should not exist at all, or that it should not be a ‘political position’.
Like it or not, the role of Police and Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands does exist, and it is an extremely powerful role. The PCC has influence over an almost £500 million pound budget, and can affect and influence how the West Midlands police force operates across the region.
The West Midlands PCC holds both the force, and its Chief Constable to account, should either not be found to be following the agreed local Police and Crime plan, or not performing their functions in a fit and proper manner.
A PCC is the ‘voice of the people’,  and should be available and accountable to them at all times.
I believe that the current West Midlands PCC team is far too large, and have outlined under ‘New Policies and New Approach’ how it could be dramatically reduced, and conseqently ‘eat up’ a lot less public funds,
– these funds, around £500,000, could, and should be used in supporting additional officer recruitment, or assisting Community-led projects, projects which can greatly reduce crime in a particular locality.


I do not believe this role should be performed by a ‘career politician’, many of whom have been trained in how to avoid answering questions, and how to give the public the impression that ‘everything is working really well’, when in reality it clearly is not.
I also do not believe the role of PCC is appropriate for someone who has spent a significant amount of time in a particular area of a police force, and may have ‘axes to grind’, old scores or issues from their past.
Personally, I am very far from a ‘career politician’,  have no experience of, past associations with, or bias towards/against any area of policing. If elected I will always be looking at every issue in a completely unbiased and totally impartial way.
The vast majority of my career to date has been spent in I.T, managing, analysing problems and working out solutions, usually by implementing new technology and new ways of working.
Although I am standing for UKIP, I will not be ‘whipped’, that is to say, I will never be told what to do, or how to do it by anyone in the party. At all times I will be trusted and expected to make decisions based purely on what is best for the West Midlands region, and the people who live and work in it, which is exactly what I will do.
However, unlike a candidate standing as an ‘Independent’, I have been through a very strict vetting process, been ratified and approved by UKIP NEC as, in their opinion, ‘a fit and proper person’ to become the next West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner.
(No Independent candidate would ever go through this process… literally ‘anyone can stand’, assuming that they can put up the £5000 deposit, and obtain the 100 signatures required).
Also unlike an Independent, if elected I would have full and direct access to a wealth of knowledge and experience in my party, whether that be other UKIP PCCs across the country, or other UKIP members and officials at all levels.

My Commitments to You If Elected on May 5th

In addition to my commitment to freeing up funds, in order to pay for additional officers and PCSOs, as outlined under  the ‘Saving money = more Police Officers and PCSOs’ tab,
 – I will also make the following commitments:
i) I will be approachable and contactable at all times, via email, Social Media, telephone, and also via new ‘PCC Local Surgeries’.
Similarly to MPs, I believe PCCs should hold ‘Surgeries’ to which people can bring problems and issues to a PCC’s direct attention. If elected I would hold Surgeries each and every week, in the following locations across the West Midlands region:
 Wolverhampton, Cradley Heath, Birmingham, Walsall and Coventry
(on a ‘five week rotation’)
ii) I will make reporting crime easier and ensure all reported crime is recorded. As soon as a Crime Number is allocated, it should be possible to upload related evidence over the internet. I will work to introduce a system which allows this to happen and to allow the current status of reported crimes to be easily accessed.
iii) Maintain a zero tolerance towards corruption and racism within the West Midlands Police force.
Any and all allegations of police officer or PCSO ‘wrong-doing’ will always be investigated fully and completely, results will be communicated openly and honestly to the public,
  – where misconduct is proven, I will make sure the strongest possible punishment is handed out.
I believe all complaints against police should be recorded, I will work to end the practice as soon as possible where complaints against the police are not recorded if the Professional Standards Department decide they should not be.
iv) I believe in absolute openness, honesty and transparency at all times.
I will not only work to make the West Midlands Police adhere to these principles (based on the findings of the recent Hillsborough inquiry, there is plenty of room for improvement in this area,
 – this is reinforced by a great number of letters and emails that I have already received during my campaigning, many alleging cover ups & corruption).
  – I will also publish annually, not just my personal tax return, but my complete and full expenses, with no ‘redactions’ (items ‘blacked out’ / hidden)


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