General and Local Elections 2015

Although I was disappointed to finish a close third behind the Conservative candidate, I am proud to have nearly trebled the UKIP vote recorded in Warley in the General Election of 2010.

I was also extremely reassured that 6,237 voters in my constituency saw through the constant barrage of negative scare-mongering and misleading headlines in the, largely ‘Conservative leaning’ national Press:

–  “vote UKIP …get a Labour government controlled by the SNP” :

– meaningless and irrelevant in a historically safe Labour seat where Conservatives haven’t challenged in 40 years.

However, when repeated constantly for weeks, this false message probably still served to influence a significant number of the Warley electorate, particularly those who are perhaps not very ‘politically aware’… into tactically voting Conservative, when in reality they fully supported the UKIP policies detailed in our excellent manifesto :


My congratulations go out to Mr John Spellar, who I trust will repay the faith Warley constituents have placed in him by serving their interests to the very best of his abilities over the next five years.

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