UK Immigration : The Inconvenient Truth

Effects of uncontrolled, mass migration to UK

Obvious unsustainability

The current scale of migration to the UK, according to ONS statistics, around a 330,000 a year ‘net increase’, roughly half from the EU, is completely unsustainable :

At these levels it is clearly impossible to plan for public services:

. GP surgeries, A and E, our NHS generally is already unable to cope

. Schools are overflowing, with many teachers sometimes spending a large proportion of their time teaching basic English to 9 and 10 yrs olds

. Housing crisis worsening, prices and rents rising rapidly. We need to build a new residence every 6 minutes just to provide new migrants arriving with somewhere to live, and to prevent the current crisis from escalating further.

. Prisons are overflowing, drug use and violence dramatically increased. Of the 85,000 capacity, more than 12,000 are foreign nationals who can’t be returned.


The official ONS statistic of 330,000 ‘net’ number of migrants to UK annually

It is generally accepted that this figure is effectively an estimate, based on poor quality data (simply ‘passenger surveys’ at ports and airports, in other words, relies completely on people telling the truth about their reasons for travelling to the UK).

Also this number is a measure of adults only, does not include children. No one knows the ‘true figure’ of the increase in UK population every year, a decent, sensible estimate would be that it is somewhere between 500,000 and a million.

The vast majority of migrants currently heading to the UK are not teachers, doctors or nurses. Even if they were, we would need to build a large number of new schools and hospitals, and then fully equip them for the new teachers and doctors to work in, plus build infrastructure around these etc, clearly this is not happening,

– consequently the additional 500,000 to a million people present in the UK every year simply represents an addition pressure on our public services, the same services which are still being cut back / systematically starved of finances year on year, as part of continuing ‘austerity measures’.


Cameron’s promise to reduce net migration to below 100,000 by 2015, made in 2010,  “no ifs or buts”, “I’ll cut immigration or kick me out !”

Since, whilst remaining an EU member state, it’s not possible to control European Economic Area (EEA) migration, very strict controls have been introduced on non-EEA migrants in an attempt to honour this patently dishonourable promise,

– both in terms of the overall numbers allowed into the country, and the ‘qualification criteria’ that migrants who are not citizens of EU-bloc nations must meet :

EU-bloc, or ‘EEA’ migrants do not need to have a job waiting for them and are not required to demonstrate that they are able to support themselves financially before relocating to the UK.

‘By dint of’ the fact that they often have no other family here, nowhere to live, and lack any significant financial resources, EEA migrants will effectively jump to the top of council waiting lists and rapidly be provided with housing, something which, not surprisingly can cause considerable resentment in existing communities.

As a result of this stupid policy, inspired by Cameron promising something patently impossible to deliver whilst the UK remains an EU member state, not only have a great many extremely skilled, financially independent workers from Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan etc been prevented from coming to the UK in recent years,

– the UK government is currently actively attempting to deport a significant number of people who have been here for less than 10 years, but who are not earning the new ‘required amount’, which can be as much as £35,000, even though they are working hard and clearly benefitting / contributing to our economy.

At the same time we are maintaining an open door to those who may bring no skills with them, no prospect of employment, and no means of supporting themselves, simply because they happen to originate from one of the other 27 EU-blocs nations. Madness.

This an obviously extremely discriminatory approach, patently unfair, and also massively counter-productive in terms of future UK prosperity.


Rapidly increasing gap between ONS EU migration statistics and new NI numbers issued

eu migration

There has been a sharp rise in the number of National Insurance numbers allocated to EU nationals working in the UK, particularly over the past two years, and particularly in relation to the number of people migrating here, according to ONS passenger survey information, aka ‘official statistics’.

In 2015 supposedly ‘only’ 260,000 EU foreign nationals migrated to the UK, yet during the same period of time an extra 650,000 NI numbers were allocated to EEA workers.

The ONS claims this is because their figures are for people who are planning to stay here for at least a year, and many of those included in the 650,000 extra NI numbers came for just a few months, worked, and went home again,

– if this is true, which seems highly unlikely, why do they do this now, but largely didn’t back in 2010 when the two numbers (ONS stats and new NI numbers) were not so massively far apart ?


‘Mass immigration’ drives down wages of low paid UK workers

A recent Bank of England report confirms an obvious conclusion that simple common sense would indicate :

“It’s not rocket science” :

– if large companies have access to almost unlimited supplies of ‘cheap foreign labour’, then over time they are going to pay existing UK workers less, or get rid / replace them with ‘cheaper’ foreign counterparts.

Wages are being steadily driven down and those working in low paid employment feel, rightly, that they are at high risk of being replaced by someone from, very probably an Eastern European nation, if they don’t work harder, and for less reward.

As a result of this, most large companies in the UK, such as Tesco are in the process of reducing overtime payments and their rates for working unsociable hours, bank holidays etc, ‘simply because they can get away with doing so’.  If you’re not happy with the lower rate, someone from Bulgaria or Romania, where commonly they will otherwise be working for around a £1 an hour, almost certainly will be.


Lack of integration

The UK is very probably currently seeing between half a million and million population increase every year (bearing in mind all the above figures are for ‘official migration’, no one has any real idea how many migrants are arriving illegally in the UK, or have already arrived, and unsurprisingly there is no government desire to find out)

As long as migration to the UK remains at current extremely high levels, there will be a strong tendency for migrants to set up their own, ‘fully functioning communities’, and there will effectively be no reason for them to integrate with wider UK society…

– this has long term consequences for the UK and social cohesion.


How many people are really living in the UK today ?

According to official statistics UK population in 2013 was 64.1 million.

However, supermarket chains now have very sophisticated modelling tools, which can accurately indicate local populations, based on buying trends, ‘footfall’ etc,

– summaries produced by these tools have recently indicated that there are probably approximately 80 million people currently living in the UK at any one time.


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