Labour in Sandwell

Labour have run Sandwell for more than forty years, but unfortunately have, and continue to do ‘a lot more for themselves’ than they do for the people who live here,

– and some of what their councillors do ‘for themselves’ can be of a rather ‘questionable nature’ :


The Right Honourable Mr John Spellar has been MP for Warley since its formation in 1997, and became 68 years of age on May 7th 2015, the date of the General Election.

Mr Spellar and the long time Labour dominated Sandwell council have presided over both a steep decline in the number of businesses operating in Warley, and also the constituency steadily falling even further behind national averages in terms of educational standards.

The ‘Bedroom Tax’ was actually part of the Welfare Reform Act 2007 and proposed by Labour.  UKIP strongly oppose it, and are fighting for it to be abolished



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